Wonderful and Nice Adaptive Reuse in Home Design

Making a nice house can be easy but also difficult for some people. There are so many designs and concepts in order to make such a good home design. For example, you may use the adaptive concept by reusing some material and design for your interior design. Therefore, in this case the writer would like to show you some wonderful adaptive reuse in house design.

White fromal house with siding, black shutters and bright green, manicured lawn / garden

Let us begin from a living room design showed in the image which uses adaptive concept design. This living room is kind of modern living room combined with traditional concept. The modern living room is completed with some modern stuffs like modern sofa and modern glassy table. However, the floor uses wooden flooring. The wooden concept is also used on its ceiling design.

Adaptive reuse design can also be applied on the bathroom design. the idea can be seen in the sample showed below. There is cool bathroom which has modern and classic design. as you can see, this bathroom has two wall concept, the first wall uses real brick wall design and the other part is concrete wall design. There is a large vanity with single sink in this bathroom.

Many more concepts and designs of adaptive reuse design that can be applied on home design. one of which is a dining room concept. This dining room showed in the picture is completed with wooden dining table and some modern chairs in black. Thus, the table is painted in brown color which looks like realistic wood made.

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